Third Party Reviews

J Higs | July 17, 2018 |

"I have visited this location twice. My first experience was not good but figured I'd try again. Second time around was not any better. I ask for a specific hair cut but they seemingly refuse to alter from what their system says. Yes, I may have done a 2 all around 2 years ago but that is no longer what I want. I should not have to explain that to a barber multiple times. Also when I say do not touch the top the top is fine I don't want the top touched. On both occasions to this location they did not do as I asked. I will not be returning to this establishment."

Jason Armstrong | July 18, 2018 |

"Tiffany did a fantastic job! The reviews don't reflect the excellent experience I had today. Fast, professional and a great haircut."

Justin Gray | July 27, 2018 |

"My son just went to get a hair cut here. He came home after asking politely to get his sideburns touched up and touching up his sides. They did neither. Andrea butchered his hair. We will not come back to this location"

Kenneth Wiseman | March 23, 2018 |

"A solid cut with a friendly staff. Sport Clips supports the Veterans of Foreign Wars by raising money for the Help A Hero scholarship fund. Take your VFW membership card and get a discount. The MVP cut and wash is my favorite and I recommend it to anyone."

Ato Ahmadzai | March 14, 2018 |

"Bad haircut and bad customer service 😐"

Sohaila Rezahi | March 15, 2018 |

"not happy with customer service at all, not professional haircuts, never going back there"

Ahmad Zia Rezahi | March 11, 2018 |

"Terrible customer service, awful haircut, they even don't no how to shave, never going back there and please nobody should have haircut there"

Fin Balor | February 19, 2018 |

"Went to the Bristow location today. Was not asked if I wanted the VIP by hair cut specialist or the front desk checkin. In addition, hair was cut quickly, unevenly and I was shuffled out very quickly. I also saw multiple uneven cuts while I was waiting and customers got completed and walked out. I should have known something was up when there was an hour wait all for one stylist while the others got the walk-ins. Multiple customers appeared to have crooked line ups on back of their necks. My stylist didn’t even show me the back of my hair in a mirror when she was finished. I understand every business has bad days but this was not the best experience today. I’ll go back to my normal barber for my next cut, but tried something new this time and wound up disappointed."

Deborah Peregrina | January 30, 2018 |

"I went to this location on the evening of January 28th to get my hair trimmed which was partially down my back. When it was my turn I am formed the hair cutter person that I did not want any layering only trim. During the process I reminded her several times that he did not want Larry because she kept pulling my hair out to the side and cutting. In all the years of getting my hair trimmed I have never had anyone cut it this way so I was a bit concerned. I wear glasses so I could not clearly see what she was doing during the process. When they were finished and I went to pay I again ask her about layering and her reply was only natural layering. I have no idea what that is supposed to mean. When I got home and could check my hair in a mirror that was close to me I discovered not only had she layered my head all over the place and cut some of it so short that it doesn't even reach my neck, but she had also cut the right side it mesun in shorter than the left side. She also messed up the side so that they don't slow smoothly there's just different lengths. When I tried contacting the company their only response was just to send me a survey. No one has bothered to contact me directly. I have never been to one of these locations previously and I will never go again. This is the worst haircut I have had and I didn't want a haircut I only wanted a trim. This hair cutting person completely disregarded my wishes and did what she wanted to do."

Ronnie V. | January 24, 2010 |

"Well I can't talk for every stylist there at Sport Clips, but I can vouch for my stylist named Tiffany. She's great. I've always had terrible luck finding a good barber, yet she cuts my hair PERFECTLY. I have thick straight asian hair and have heard my hair grows all kinds of crazy. Tiffany has been able to step up to challenge and she cuts my hair just right. Thanks Tiffany! Go see her and she'll cut you right. However there are some stylists there that don't know what the heck they are doing, so go see my stylist and get the MVP! :-) Oh and service members get a discount and that is always a plus."